佛前光明燈--佛說{施燈功德經]中云:若有眾生佈施燈明善根,得八種無量資糧,點燈大眾可藉佛力加持,護佑元辰光旺盛前程光明諸事順利 !
更備有*財神增益燈 *貴人善緣敬愛燈 * å¢žé•·æ™ºæ…§ç‡ˆ * æ·¨å…‰å®ˆè­·ç‡ˆ*


{The lighting offering brings you fortune, wisdom, and auspiciousness} In the â€œLight Offering Merits Sutra”, Buddha stated that sentient beings who offer a good deed of a bright lamp earn eight categories of infinite karmic wealth. Under the blessing of Buddha, the benefactors will be protected and energized producing a bright and wish-fulfilled future .
Also available are: "Fortune Deity Prosperity Lamp", "Noble and Good Affinity, and HarmonyLamp", "Wisdom Lamp", and "Pure Light Protection Lamp".


{太歲當頭座 å®‰å¤ªæ­²ä¿å¹³å®‰ } ä¿—稱安太歲,為祈求未來新的一年平安吉祥,逢兇化吉.
{When offending the Year's Guardian, Seeking Pacification of Taisui} A tragedy free, auspicious, and peaceful future year if seeking pacification of the Taisui. The act is called “An Taisui.”

{Medicine Buddha Longevity Tablet} Pray to Medicine Buddha to bless all registered living people with calamity eradication, a long life, and much fortune and wisdom.

{Ancestor or Deceased Deliverance Tablet} Pray to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva and Buddhas to deliver all registered family ancestors, aborted fetus spirits, karmic enemies and creditors, and attached spirits to the pure land. People sincerely praying and making sacrifices to ancestors will be protected and blessed with family peace, a happy marriage, a smooth career, and help from noble people.

*** Note: Benefactors of the abovementioned customs in past years or those whose wishes were granted by divine guidance with oracle sticks, kindly express your appreciation for the blessing by the deities with a donation, joss paper money, or whatever you promised. You can pay back in person at the temple or mail a donation check.***

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